Confronting Anxiety founder Anita Southam is a mom, a wife, a friend and a colleague just like you. After overcoming her own challenges with anxiety, panic attacks and depression, Anita felt called to share her experiences and help others who might be facing the same feelings. The Freedom is Possible program was created as an extension of this calling, and has since helped scores of people overcome their fears in order to live their best lives.

Anita's struggle with anxiety included over five years of severe anxiety, debilitating panic attacks, and depression resulting from living in fear on a daily basis. She was isolated by constant anxiety and panic to the extent that she stayed at home whenever possible, fearing public places, driving and socializing. If this struggle sounds familiar, don't despair! The Freedom is Possible program, based on Anita's own recovery process, will help you too overcome the viscous cycle of worry, fear and anxiety.

Listen to Anita share her story in the video below, and if you think that the Freedom is Possible program can make a difference in your life too, we invite you to learn more and purchase the program today.


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