Freedom Is Possible Session Titles & Descriptions

Each of the twelve Freedom Is Possible sessions will provide you Scriptures and coping techniques. You’ll also hear insightful group discussions from those who personally struggled with anxiety and found relief through Confronting Anxiety.

Session 1: Defining Anxiety What is anxiety?

Here you will learn what anxiety is, why you have it, and how it affects you physically & emotionally.

Session 2: Putting Panic in Its Place

Panic does not have to control you! This session will provide you with effective ways to get off the fear & panic cycle, along with techniques to help prevent these terrifying attacks.

Session 3: What Are You So Afraid Of?

Put an end to fears that have been keeping you anxious including solutions to keep fearful thoughts from returning.

Session 4: A Positive View = A New You!

Learn how to get rid of negativity toward yourself and your circumstances as these are main contributors to anxiety.

Session 5: Stepping Out Afraid

Reclaim that which anxiety robbed you of and learn how to step out into new opportunities in the midst of feeling anxious.

Session 6: How Anxiety Affects Our Loved Ones

Understanding the perspective of anxiety of both you & your supporter(s), and how you can learn to work together with one another effectively.

Session 7: You Are Good Enough

Let go of self-doubt and fear of making mistakes. Hear how you can rebuild your confidence and gain a new outlook on how valuable you are.

Session 8: Depression from Anxiety

Limitations you put on your life due to anxiety can lead to depression over time. Learn how to successfully break free from the bondage of those depressive feelings.

Session 9: Are You Angry?

Find out the connection between anxiety and anger, along with how to control your temper and reactions to unfair situations.

Session 10: Do Yourself A Favor and Forgive

Discover the importance of forgiveness toward others and yourself. Hear why it’s necessary to let go of guilt and bitterness, including tips on how to do it.

Session 11: Healthy Habits, Healthy Lifestyle

Giving up habits that create anxiety and replacing them with those that have the opposite effect is what you will learn during this session.

Session 12: Freedom At Last!

Peace is a gift! Learn the value of peace and its importance. In addition, you will hear how you can continue to make progress by not allowing stress to turn into anxiety.

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