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In addition to our public classes, and coaching sessions, Anita is available to speak, present or lead customized private classes/workshops for your organization. These private sessions are designed just for you, to address the topics you feel would be most valuable to your group. They can be customized in length starting from a simple hour-long speech, up to multi-day seminars, classes and workshops.

Simply let us know what type of event you wish to create, and we will be in touch to discuss the details, timing and cost. Pricing depends on length of seminar or engagement, number of attendees expected, and the number of supporting materials we will be asked to provide.

We are happy to customize an event for just about any group, organization or purpose to help you and your friends, co-workers, and others, break free from the bonds of anxiety, depression and panic!

  • Customized Confronting Anxiety Seminars, Courses & More
  • Available for your private event, church or organization
  • Customized content and supporting materials based on subject
  • Cost quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Ready to get started? Sign up today and let’s discuss how to start your group’s journey away from the paralyzing feelings of anxiety, depression and panic!

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