“Freedom Is Possible” Digital Self-Help Program


With this Digital Download Series, we’ll help you overcome anxiety, depression and panic. This downloadable product features the same content as our 12-CD series, but in an easy-to-use digital download format. With actual program participants guiding you, you’ll learn how to overcome your fears. Ready to get started? Begin your journey today!


Break Free From Anxiety

This digital download audio series has been designed to allow you to go at your own pace as you get to know common triggers, learn coping skills, and hear inspirational stories from people just like you. You’ll hear from a doctor, a therapist, and you’ll hear group discussions with people from all walks of life who share their own experiences and strategies for overcoming anxiety and panic attacks.

All discussions and interviews are led by Anita Southam, and she shares details of her own experiences overcoming anxiety, fear and depression. Hear firsthand how others are overcoming their own barriers to living their best life as well as tips, tricks and faith-based strategies for minimizing your fears.

Ready to get back to living your best life? Choose the “Freedom is Possible” Digital Download and get started today!